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As the sun rose on a not so perfect day, as I ‘officially’ found out from Cam via “Facebook-messaging” that today was the official first day back at school for this term. But I can tell you now that it’s not going to be the same as a normal human student…as I may have told you like about, I don’t, about 50 billion times already: that I’m a ‘half-breed’ merfolk; and school ‘could’ be dangerous for me as of the risk of water splash (with a 10 second delay, thank goodness) and then “POOF” instant fish-mertail. *sigh* true my powers can have it disadvantages and advantages at some course in time, but right now, it probably not going to be one of those.

As were relaxing in my bedroom, almost about to head off (before heading to school) Cam came over, I guess see my progression and give me the lay down of how (already) dangerous High School (Australian style) can be. Whilst I was getting ready and packing everything that I needed into my school bag, Cam just sat on the couch lecturing me (of course he nor i don’t know the full extent of my powers or how in a way it’s affecting my ‘use-to-be’ normal life style).
“I guess you’re feeling a tad nervous are you?” Cam asked.
“Na, just another first day back at school.” I replied as I began to walk to the other side of my room.
“I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the fish thing.” Cam pointed out as he waltzed towards my desk as I was packing my gear for school.
I just walked away from him.
“What if you get splashed and turned into a tuna?”
I looked at him in a weird way from my desk.
“How am I going to get splashed?” I quizzed him while packing my bag on my desk.
“Ah, school’s a red zone for hundreds of ways.” Cam pointed out.
“Name one?” I challenged him as I was still stuffing some books and my pencil-case for school.
“Science class? It’s full of test tubes and fat bottles.” Cam answered
“There called Beakers.” I corrected him as swung my bag over my shoulder. “Don’t stress, I’m cool with this.”
“I’m not stressed, I’m worried mate.” Cam commented.
I just stood there for a few seconds the waltzed past him and patted him on the shoulder.
“Good.” I replied as I dived straight for the mini fridge (compliments of my parents). “I’m starving.”
“Zac, I’ve never had a friend whose half fish before, so this is weird for me.” Cam pointed out.
What he said was true, since I’ve gotten my powers and I’ve tried to warn him about the dangers of me being this way…but I guess he was somehow okay with it, I hope.
“Don’t you feel weird?” Cam asked as I stared at him.
I just shrugged my shoulders; I’m trying to treat this like an every back-to-school day and my powers as normal as any human being could.
“Na, just hungry.” I replied coolly as I sculled some water from a bottle that I brought out of my mini fridge into my throat and this time not freaking out unlike yesterday (please refer to the episode 2 chapters) and once I’d filled myself with enough liquid in my body I then placed the bottle into my bag.

As that event was over and done with, we headed towards the door, with both our bags packed and hopefully ready to face a day at school.
“Mate you know of what you heading into, it’s going to be like World War Water; if you’re not careful.” Cam said with scarism.
I just tried to ignore him as I already knew of what I’m getting myself into. So I just pretended to listen as I was just nodding my head in agreement, as I was trying to make the most of my human form…except for my morning shower, in which now has to be a bath.
“Look I get it; I’m heading into a battlefield you don’t have to keep reminding me.” I complained.
Cam didn’t say a word as he followed me out the door, and loudly closed it behind him.
“Mate you don’t have to be so rough with my door.” I shouted.
Cam raised his hands in self-defence, as if to say ‘I had nothing to do with it’, as we past the wharf, I looked out towards its water (as it felt like I was walking past it as if time was slowing down…and nothing else was around) and noticed the sparking of the morning sun ray’s as they danced on the waved; and for some reason I was like drawn to the water below and its pulling me towards….Cam pulled me away, in time too as mum came out to see us off.
“Ahh, Cam I didn’t know you were coming over?” Mum asked rhetorically.
Cam just rubbed the back of his head in embracement.
“Yeah sorry about that, Zac called me over this morning and we just wanted to discuss about our classes that we’ll be taking this year, and the new teachers we may be having.” Cam lied explained.
It was half true though.
“Oh and why didn’t Zac tell me himself?” Mum asked with her left hand on her hip and a load of washing under her other arm.
I started to turn red as I turned my head to avoid her gaze, but I could hear mum and Cam bursting out in laughter.
“Anyway we better get moving, Evie is waiting for us at Ocean Cafe…and you know how she is with us being late.” Cam said.
“Believe me I know.” Mum replied rolling her eyes
As we scooted around to the side gate and then disappeared toward Ocean Cafe; Cam sighed in the meantime.
“Dude you need to be more careful, especially in front of your parents you’re lucky I pulled you out of the way….what had gotten into you?” Cam asked.
All I could do was shrug.
“I don’t know, I guess ever since yesterday I guess it’s been like something or some memory is calling me…for one reason or another...” I tried to explain.

I guess Cam and I both decided to write this episode off as we neared Ocean Cafe as there were more students from our school flocking to catch the morning’s breakkie run, before heading to school. I of course order something from the menu, but for some reason it wasn’t something you usually eat at this time of the morning….a bowl of Tasmanian Tiger Prawns (all over shelled tails and un-cooked) with a side of Tarty sauce; I could see Evie staring at me (when we did arrive, we found her already waiting for us) and then pulling a weird face as I was scoffing them down.
“What are you doing?” Evie questioned “You never eat Prawn’s, for breakfast.”
I stopped eating for a second, and looked at her.
“Well I do now.” I said back. “I love them. Do you want one?” I asked Evie, taking one out of my bowl and presenting it over to Evie.
“Only if it had a fruit salad to go with it.” Evie blankly said. “But I’m fine, thanks.”
Evie then moved away from us, as I guess she was on duty this morning.
Cam even gave me the weird look, I know I said I could handle this…but I guess now, proves to be even more suspicious, I then stopped eating as there was probably now too many faces looking at me. Cam just gave me the ‘what’s wrong with you’ look, I just shrugged my shoulders. And then i decided to eat more prawn before letting my stomach settle for a bit. Then I pushed the bowl away and then started to think.
‘Man, I’m starting to eat like water person…prawns? I do need to be more careful.’ I thought to myself.
I then sighed and looked toward Evie who I believe had moved her chair over a bit from my weirdness, I guess in hope that she wouldn’t catch it. I tried to reassure her that it wasn’t, as just because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, is the reason I’m acting this way; but I guess knowing Evie’s smarts she probably wasn’t going to buy it for long….i guess I’ll now have of think of more reasonable excuses if im going to continue acting this way.

“Hi I’m Layla, and you’re Zac right?” A voice asked a girl stood in front of our table with streaked blonde hair and piercing sea green eyes right in front of me (across the table from me), not pulling on the flirty look (like some girls does at school…and yes that is true).
“Yep.” I replied without looking at her.
“You’re a life saver, I’ve seen you on the beach and I really want to be one to, so can you help me?” She asked.
“I guess but you’re better off-“I began explaining.
“Great, let’s go.” She interupted me pointing towards the door as if urging me…or more to the fact of revealing my second nature.
I looked up at her; she was defiantly a rude one…luckily Evie was walking towards her and then standing there as doing her job.
“Hi, I’m Evie.” She introduced herself in a polite ‘waitressing’ manner. “Is there a problem?”
“Actually there is one, but I’d rather not share it with you.” Layla pointed out, in a rude-cold tone of voice.
“Sorry, but go down to the surf club and see the supervisor there, and he can help you guys out, okay?” She replied.
I however didn’t really pay any attention to any of the commotion; as I was too busy as I continued by enjoying my early morning Prawn’s, crunching each of them down in a loud manner. Then Evie came around my back and then gently touched my shoulder, as in a sign of ‘we need to get moving’, I was in agreeing terms with her as that ‘Layla’ chick was very pushy.
As Evie escorted me out the door I could see Cam in the corner of my eye, my guess he’s was going to put the moves on those girls, couldn’t quite hear of what they were saying as Evie kept on dragging me further and further away from Ocean Cafe.
“I see Cam making a fool of him?” I asked with a sad look in my face.
Evie looked directly into my puppy shaped eyes, she sighed.
“Okay, fine…Not, come on we have to get moving.” Evie caved in teased
Then being an amazing GF, she let go of my hand in which she used to drag me…and let me walk normally. I then showed her my natural smile of gratefulness.
“Thanks Evie.” I Said.

Evie didn’t say a thing just smiled back at me. I tried to turn away as her smile was like a mermaid sent from the depths Atlantic…I mean she is the most popular girl at our school and yet I’m still trying to piece it together of why she chose me instead of any other good-looking men at Sun Coast. But I guess me being a normal human at the time and not like those block heads from the Athletic Team (just to clarify, she did go out with member of the Track Team, but then she found out that he was cheating on her with another women…and even though he tried desperately to get her back, she eventually found me jogging around town with Cam; and I guess everything fell into place after that…then later on finding out that her mum had passed away and her current boyfriend just brushed her aside; then coming to me in which in I was the next shoulder for her to cry on). But still I will carry on with my head held high and my powers locked in tight, and will do anything to prevent anyone else from knowing of it.

As we continued to walk towards school I could fell this enormous chill down my spine, at first I thought it was going to be Evie’s ex-BF as he was going to give me the most welcoming towards a new year of school…I’m guessing he’s trying to copy the most classic techniques from American movie’s/TV Shows; but my guess was way off, as it was much worse as our school principal was waiting by the front gate, as she was in-charge of making sure that the students were entering the school grounds in a proper manner (more like dress codes, material brought into the school’s grounds, etc.; even though we don’t have a ‘school uniform’, but still she was all about decency)…and just so you know our principal’s name is: Rita Sánchez, (she had black hair (but it shines a kind of red colour when the sun hits it) and has ground brown eyes) though many of us don’t know much about her she still is awesome...when you’re on her good side of course.
“Morning Miss Sánchez.” I greeted with a smile.
“Mr Blakely…I trust you enjoy your holiday? And are ready to get back into school work?” She asked casually as she continued to inspect the students clothing.
I nodded.
“ was very…well I would say very ‘life changing’…in a sense of us being near senior year.” I replied.
“Well I hope you’ll be making the most of it, as it won’t be too long until you’re out of the school’s care and into the real world.”
I saluted her.
“You bet.” I said with a mocking smile.
Rita took no notice of my mockery behaviour, as she continued onto the next students as they came to line up. I just took Evie’s hand and lead her into the grounds…our school in a sense is a public high school, very basic with every subject cover, in separate rooms/buildings and all in one-to-three level’s set up.

I then lead her down the main entrance gardens and towards our lockers (to point out the lockers are an option, but with all our school books, and various subject’s available…Cam, Evie and I took advantage of it) I guided Evie towards her’s and walked towards my own as Cam had just arrived.
“Morning Bro.” I said as I raised my fist.
“Morning to you too…fish boy.” Cam said. When Cam said ‘fish boy’ I had to quickly cover his mouth and put in a quick reminder of our discussions.
“Cam you know better than that…all things relate to ‘that’ particular topic are off limits to open ears.” I reminded him.
“…I’m just excited from meeting and chatting with those chicks from the café this morning.” Cam explained.
“You mean those especially that ‘Layla’ girl…she was so rude, I mean you can’t separate a man from his meals…unless it’s necessary.”
Cam just folded his arms and leaned against his locker
“But still those girls asked the weirdest questions… and I think most of them were about you.” Cam pointed out.
“But why? Why are they so interested in me?”
“Well I can’t really answer that one in straight…but still, I think one of the questions were about you own personal lifestyle and what you do during your down time…keep in mind I didn’t ‘dive’ into the most recent lifestyle change.”
‘Phew…but still.’ I thought.
“Thanks for that, I’m still wondering about those girls too...i mean it’s like when I saw them it’s like something I can’t really explain, but more to the fact how did they know my name? I never introduced myself to them. .” I stated.
“But you’ve only seen them…like, once… and you what can make you think that there trying to kill you?” Cam asked
“I don’t know for sure but I just have this feeling…and most of the events that have happened to me have gone from bad to worse, there is no good thing about these powers.” I Complained.
“Whoa, slow down…I can think of one thing? Remember that girl you save yesterday? Well I have heard from our supervisor that she’s still alive and well.”
I looked at Cam, with open eyes…she was the first good thing that I’d ever done with my powers, and I’m pretty sure there may be more from where that came from, but still trying to keep it under-raps is going to be the hardest.

“Okay, so what teacher’s do was having for this term…besides from our new Biology teacher?” I asked in a change of topic.
I could guess that Cam knew of what I was doing as trying not to think about it and trying to keep my human form as look as possible. So Cam went along with my distraction an started to look at our timetable’s and compare our classes, it turned out that we almost had the same classes…except with English and Maths, as to a fact that I’m, a little bit smarter than him. We continued to chat until he first classes bell rang.
“We how does it feel entering an ‘a whole new world’? You know I feel like singing it now.” Cam said as he started to sing. I quickly shutted him up, by slapping my hand across his mouth.
“You know if people hear you sing, they’re going to running for the hills…literally.” I said in a whisper.
Cam then pushed my hand off his mouth, and then led the way towards class.
“And what do you meant by ‘my voice will send people running to the hills’?” Cam asked.
“Well you remember our singing lessons we took for Kindergarten?” I asked.
Cam gave it a bit of thought and then nodded.
“Well you remember when you signed up for a ‘solo’ part; on the stage, first note you let out almost broke all of the windows in the main hall.” I commented.
As I said this we were in front of our classroom, and then afterwards I just waltzed straight in the door and then glided myself to my chair. And took my seat near the middle of the classroom; I noticed on the whiteboard that we will be looking at the ‘human-anatomy’, so insides.
‘phew, I was really scared that time around…and here I thought school will be the most safeties place for me...a water-splash-transform safe zone, so now I’ve got to be on my guard at all times especially during the hotter months.’ I thought as I rummaged through my bag to get of what I need for class.
sorry for the delay as my hard-drive has just crashed and luckily i still had this on my main computer



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Destiny-FaithAngel Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I love this story, it one of the best mako island of secret fanfic i've read so far. ^_^ I cant wait for more.
Yugi-Dan-Yami Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:bow: thnxs so much..and you'll be pleased to know that i'll currently working on the next chapter.

And i vow to keep on going until the series finishes.
Destiny-FaithAngel Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That cool ^_^
I like your view on the series,it refreshing and different
Yugi-Dan-Yami Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thnxs, i'm just trying to see it from Zac's point of view...adding my own parts in from before and after the actually dialogue from the show :sighs: 
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